School Policies

Each policy is directly related to practices and procedures that underpin our strategic vision at Hocking Primary School for students, staff and community members.  Policies are regularly reviewed and then introduced to the School Board before being formally ratified.


The Department of Education’s Student Attendance policy requires parents/guardians to provide an acceptable explanation to the school principal for any absence of their children. Principals must authorise all absences. The Act defines health, religious and cultural observances as reasonable cause for a school absence and the absence would be recorded as ‘authorised’ by the principal.

You may notify the school via the classroom teacher or front office of any absences from school. If you have access to a mobile phone, many parents find the school’s SMS service the easiest way to report absences. A simple message to 0417 942 643 is all that is needed to relay an absence, eg:

Jane Citizen, 11 Feb, Sick

Please ensure that your contact details are also up to date. An update request form has already been sent home with all students so please check that your details are correct to ensure timely reminders are received.

Future Absences – Family Holidays

Parents and caregivers are required to request authorisation for any family vacations where students will be absent from school.  This simple form must be completed and returned to the school no less than three days prior to an in-term vacation.

Overarching Department of Education policies can be located at