Hocking Primary School employs a range of teaching staff, as well as administrative and support staff in areas such as administration, finance, and classroom support.

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Short fixed-term, casual or relief staff vacancies are offered and managed through Schrolecover. To register for Schrolecover please follow Schrole Cover Users Guide V2.0.

For teachers applying to our Schrolecover connections, please note we require following information on your profile:

  • Department of Education ID number
  • Working With Children registration information (scan of card preferred)
  • Teacher's Registration Board number
  • Department of Education Screening Unit number (along with your DOB for confirmation)

If all of the above information is not available on your profile you may find your application rejected. If so, please correct and feel free to re-submit your request.

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Longer fixed term or permanent appointments will be listed on the Jobs WA website and may also be advertised on the school website. Full application instructions are provided within each job advertisement.