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Hocking Primary School

Please be advised that all communication from the school will be provided through Connect.  As important information is currently being updated and provided to the school community it is essential that all parent contact details are up to date and as many parents as possible have access to Connect.  If you have children at Hocking Primary School and are unable to access the information on Connect, please contact the school’s reception for assistance.


Hocking Primary School is an Independent Public School with a focus on Values and Excellence in teaching and learning.

The school opened in February 2008 in the suburb of Hocking, north of Perth. Student enrolment at the commencement of 2018 is approximately 640 students.  The school caters for K-6 students with the staff primarily selected on merit in line with the vision and educational needs of the school. A range of expertise in a variety of areas is offered to students and families who attend the school.

Curriculum delivery is supported by Department of Education initiatives and resources.  The benefits of a new school Information and Communication Technology infrastructure provides a significant focus on developing teachers’, students’ and parents’ knowledge, access and manipulation of the latest equipment in this area. Every classroom has interactive whiteboards installed and wireless access to the internet from desktop, laptop and peripheral hardware.  The school currently provides specialised instruction in Music, Physical Education, Art and Design Technology and Science.

The school has partnered with Camp Australia to provide a before and after school service on site.  Check out the Camp Australia section for more information.