Wanneroo Times Article on Hocking PS

Wanneroo Times Article on Hocking PS

Hocking PS making a dent on rubbish around the school

VISITORS will not see many bins at Hocking Primary School but they will notice a lack of rubbish.

Staff, students and parents at the waste and water wise school are involved in various recycling efforts, including ensuring food packaging goes home with them, which Year 6 teacher Toni Bakreski said had been embraced.

“Most parents started to adopt reusable packaging,” he said.

“Now 99 per cent of students know any packaging has to go home.”

The school also participates in the Crunch&Sip program, where classes take time|||for students to enjoy a fruit or vegetable snack and water.

Food scraps are then placed into the worm farm and subsequent worm castings are used on the vegetable garden.

Mr Bakreski said there were one or two bins around the school just in case, but they collected very little rubbish.

“Kids go and pick up rubbish just because they take pride in the school, not because you’ve told them to,” he said.

“The kids take a lot of pride in the school environment and they’re considerate towards the wider community.”

“They understand things aren’t unlimited, we have X amount of resources and once they disappear they are gone forever.”


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