School Board Member Profiles

Miss Janelle Perkins
Current School Board Chairperson and mum of 3 girls attending HPS in years 3, 5 and 6. Since enrolling my children into the school before it opened I had assisted as uniform committee co-ordinator and had been part of the P and C in its early years.  I feel that if you care about your children’s education and want to have a say in their educational needs you must be involved, so I joined the original School Council taking part in the transition to the current School Board to assist in meeting the educational needs of all students. Trained as a florist originally I have a passion for business and our local community and had been a real estate salesperson for many years. Still enjoying my love of gardening, I have embraced being part of the School Garden Committee turning a once barren patch of school land into a fully thriving edible garden to enable children in our school to develop knowledge and skills to apply in their daily lives, including healthy eating habits, to experience life cycles of growing plants as well as learning about water and waste management to ensure their children and community live in a sustainable environment.

Mrs Sarah Atkinson
My husband & I have 2 children attending the school.   I have always volunteered for parent help when possible and make sure that I attend their assemblies, school sports days and the other social events held at the school.
I have a strong finance and management background, having worked in Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking, Commercial Foreign Exchange and International Trade.  I also have project management experience and used those skills to establish my own successful bookkeeping practice in 2002.  I would like to think that I can contribute to the ongoing success of the school as a member of the Board using the financial skills I possess as well as the general life skills I have gathered throughout my years of experience as a member of the community.

Mrs Lisa Key
My daughter has been in Hocking PS from Kindy and she’s now in year 3.
I have been on the Hocking Primary School P & C for 4 years. I have helped doing the school discos, bbqs and have also been the P and C representative on the School Board during 2012.
I run a website business which looks after 70 schools in Perth and several businesses.
I am also part of the fundraising committee for my daughter’s scout group.

Mrs Lisa Jansen
My children have attended Hocking Primary School since kindy and are now in years 2 and 3. I joined the P&C in 2010 and have held the positions of Vice President, Executive Committee Member and P&C Board Member. I have organised the school discos since I began with the P&C and have participated in many fundraising events. I enjoy being involved in this way as it is not always possible for me to be present at the school during the day as I work full time. I am a primary school teacher with a background in banking and finance. As well as understanding the financial aspects of the school,  I am able to contribute to the board from the perspective of a teacher and parent.

Mr Andrew Kininmonth
Andrew Kininmonth is married with 3 boys at Hocking Primary School, being Pre Primary, Year 2 and Year 5. His eldest is a Foundation Student.  Andrew and his wife, Cheree who is a Teacher at Beldon Primary School, have been involved with the school through the P & C Committee and the School Board for a number of years.  In addition, Andrew is a member of the local chapter of Rotary International and is a firm believer in supporting both Hocking Primary School and the wider community through his involvement with Rotary.
In his spare time, Andrew is a Finance Consultant for Nationwest Finance Solutions.

Mr Steve Hardingham
I am an inaugural member of Hocking Primary School, starting as Deputy Principal in 2008.  During this time I have focussed on developing student and teacher access to technologies suitable to a school environment and allowing our teachers to develop a curriculum suitable to the future prospects of our children.  I also have two children at the school, however my role on the School Board is as a staff member.  I enjoy coaching a variety of children’s sport team, including a number with students from Hocking Primary School.

Mrs Sadie Brayshaw
I am a Level Three teacher at Hocking Primary School and have been here since 2011.  During this time I have managed Literacy across the school and more recently I have co-ordinated the Improving Literacy and Numeracy Partnership project, working with teachers to analyse and respond to our school data.  I am a member of the Literacy, History, Numeracy and Curriculum committees as well as a being a School Council member. I have two girls currently attending Hocking Primary School.

Mrs Nadine White
I have been an Early Childhood teacher for 14 years.
As a foundation member of Hocking Primary school I have helped construct and develop the Early Childhood program.   I have been involved in the school community through numerous committees including School council, Literacy, History, Curriculum, Values and the Early Childhood playground.  I have also been the Early Childhood cost centre manager for 3 years.

Mrs Mel Catchpole
My name is Melissa Catchpole and I am both a parent and a teacher at Hocking Primary school. My two gorgeous children Lawson and Breahna are in Year 7 and 4. My background is predominantly Early Childhood Education and, although I have taught mainly P-2, I am currently teaching Year 3.
I have been teaching for 18 years, a majority of which was spent teaching in the Pilbara region of WA, 4 years at Wickham PS and 6 at Tambrey PS in Karratha. I returned to Perth with a husband and 2 children and taught for a year at Woodvale PS before winning a position at Hocking PS through the merit select process. As a foundation staff member I have seen Hocking grow into the wonderful school that it is, a vibrant community of lovely students and amazing staff. When my husband was transferred to Newman with his work I reluctantly left Hocking to once again teach in the beautiful Pilbara, this time at South Newman PS. However I ensured that I would be able to return to Hocking PS after our two year stint in Newman, and it was with excitement I returned to Hocking PS last year!  Although wearing two hats can have its challenges, I really do enjoy being able to see my own children and students blossom in the great community that Hocking PS is!