2019 School Board Election Nominee Statements

Ryan Hancock

My family and I have lived in Hocking for 16 years and joined the Hocking Primary School Community in 2016 when my son started kindy.

For close to 15 years I’ve worked in leadership and management roles providing front line support for the people that shape our communities, first with the WA Police and now with the WA Country Health Service. My roles have been in fleet, equipment and accommodation management and involve equipment purchasing, strategic planning, coordinating fleet vehicles and project management.

I’m also a passionate basketball fan (Wildcats supporter and member) and you can often find me at the school basketball courts on the weekend teaching my son to play. I’m an Eagles supporter, cyclist and enjoy boxing for fitness.

I would like to join the Hocking PS board to be able to use my experience as a parent and a manager to provide advice and guide the board in making the best decisions for our future leaders.

I think my career experience as a public service manager would be an asset to the board, as I have lots of experience being part of committees and decision-making groups in support of the local community from cost-savings and purchasing to acquiring new resources.

I also believe it is important for Dads to take an active role in the school community. While many of them aren’t able to, I am lucky to be able have the flexibility to assist as a parent helper and opportunities such as this. I’d like my son to see both mums and dads contributing and supporting his school, and our local community.


Clayton James

My family and I have lived in Hocking since 2005, and our son (now in Year 3) has attended Hocking Primary School since kindy. I have been a member of the P&C for the past 4 years continuing on this year in the Vice President role and have also been a School Board representative for the past 2 years. I really enjoy being part of the P&C, helping to organise and run events. It is a wonderful group of volunteers and we all have a great passion in ensuring Hocking Primary School, and all the kids that attend, are well supported by the parent community.

I am an Electrical Engineer, having worked at Western Power for 16 years before transferring to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) where I am part of a team that help to manage and operate the power system. During my career I have been a part of many structural reforms and challenging operational situations and feel my experience in these areas can be of benefit to the School Board.

I enjoy being engaged with school activities and get a real sense of satisfaction helping the school to achieve its goals. Hocking Primary School is a wonderful school with excellent staff and I would be happy for the opportunity to continue supporting the school through the School Board.


Michelle Rouhliadeff

I would like to introduce myself first and foremost as a Hocking PS school parent, going into my 7th year with kids at our school. My children are in all three areas of the school – ECE, middle primary and senior primary so I believe I have a great understanding for parent expectations across all year groups.

Currently I work at another public primary school as the Registrar (just like Mrs Webster), and have worked in the Ed Dept for 7 years so I have an understanding of the frameworks and guidelines that all schools need to follow and impact on the direction of schools going forward. I have also been a member of the School Board at the school I work, going through the transition to IPS and recently contributing to our IPS School Review. I have also worked for numerous years within the Human Resources sector, which I feel has given me valuable experience in working with a diverse range of people.

I consider myself to be an approachable person and would be willing to relay any questions or concerns that fall within the remit of the role of a School Board member. I feel I would be a fair, objective and enthusiastic representative of our wider school community.

I would appreciate the opportunity to be on the School Board at Hocking PS, as I am interested and passionate about contributing to the direction of our school. I believe I will be an effective conduit to relay and advocate for parents and our wider school community.

I believe my experience would be valuable in having input through the Board to collaborate in any reviews or amendments to school objectives, priorities and general policy objectives, and evaluating Hocking’s performance in achieving those objectives. My belief is that a high-performance school has an effective school community who works in partnership to achieve the best outcomes for our kids.
As my youngest is in Pre-Primary, I have an interest in seeing the future direction of our school for many years to come.